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Teatox Detox is aimed to reset your digestive system by eliminating toxins and free radicals. Each bottle contains 10gr equivalent of hibiscus tea bulb that provides high antioxidant. The tea can also help to remove water weight and wastes from our body.

You'll get 6 bottles of:


IDR 200,000

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Immunity Pack.jpg

Our Skinny Pack contains 8 bottles of natural fat burners and meal replacement that will help get you in shape. Meal plan included for each subscription.

Feeling under the weather? This Immunity Pack is targeted to boost your immune system by supplying a stream of micronutrients essential for our health.

detox GUIDE

To make your Teatox Detox more worthwhile, please refrain from eating or consuming the following items:

  • red meat, processed meat, canned meat

  • saturated fats

  • dairy products (except fat free yogurts)

  • refined grains

  • spicy or sour foods

  • alcoholic or carbonated beverages

  • caffeinated beverages

  • cigarettes


Drink 8 glasses of water per day and exercise lightly.

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